The Daily May

Six years ago I met with a therapist/life coach to help create some movement in my life. I was (a lot) stuck with where to go, what to do, who I wanted to become,.. and this seemed like a great way forward through the mayhem that was my mid-twenties (I float, I change my mind, I get inspired, I get insecure, and the cycle repeats).

So I was sitting with this therapist and in the process of sifting through my entire life story and analyzing aspects of my temperament for gaining clarity, I defensively confessed to being an introvert. At that point I hadn’t yet accepted it about myself and/or said it aloud much, and I was super embarrassed by the shortlist that was the giant poster in front of me titled: Friendships.

She looked at that poster, at the poster with my family diagram, then back to me and commented on the very rare and much-coveted reality I was living and wasn’t appreciating: I had a sisterhood. I hadn’t listed Heather and Hillary as friendship resources, and yet my two sisters were and are two of my closest friends. They make my shortlist feel a mile long.

We have just enough in common to keep things fun and just enough different to keep things interesting. There’s an honesty and loyalty and a whole lot of love between us May sisters.

We started talking and dreaming last summer about a way to keep connected across our respective states and life seasons, and for combining the similarities/differences of our interests and perspectives with intentionality. It only made sense to start a blog together. ;)

The Daily May blog.

Read a little more about us HERE.  And our manifesto HERE.


One thought on “The Daily May

  1. Hi .. have missed you and the family … watching my grankids growing as much as possible … missing your family’s jaunts and times out and about too! Hope all is well! It’s almost a year now . I was paying attention too!

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