on family and making the time count


It’s funny- looking at these photos taken 4 months ago… I hadn’t gradated yet, summer break was still on the horizon, lots of time off before starting my internship at a private practice (next week!)… But life was kind of standing still that week with the Pelz family. A few of our members were experiencing deep losses, and as it goes with our family, we felt the weight of the loss with them- differently, but profoundly.

I think the nature of living so far away makes Nate and me that much more intentional when we are together. We recognize the time is precious, and feel the need to make it count. This was no exception-every conversation, meal, hug, smile- felt significant and valuable, and maybe even more so…





Finley, the bruiser^^


Luce and I spent some time in Valparaiso with the Von Tobel fam back in July and minus a few minor health mishaps, it was perfect. I wish we could have stayed longer, and as we boarded the plane back to LAX (a direct flight, thank the Lord) I was already working out a plan to visit again. Is it too much to ask to live next door to both my sisters?


wonderful weekend

A few last pictures from our time in Indiana…

I hope you are able to escape the heat and have a wonderful weekend! We’re about to slip away to San Diego for a last vacation before Nate starts his new job. Looking forward to time at the beach, trying some new restaurants, and good conversation…

ps. it’s little sister Hillary’s birthday today (23)! I remember the day I first met her like it was yesterday (I was quite enamored), and she’s been growing up beautifully right before my eyes. I’m still enamored- love you, Bunny!