I have NO idea how 15 cleansing days just went by?! That is a GOOD thing, and it also means I’m at the half-way point. I feel great (and I’m not just saying that). It could be a total placebo effect, since I know exactly everything I’m eating, and that it’s all super healthy, but regardless I think I look and feel like I did the day I got married almost 7 years ago (minus a few wrinkles, freckles, postpartum hair loss, etc etc – you get the idea).

I slacked on the documentation for week 2. Most of the time I was too busy eating to worry with taking pictures. But above was my juice/smoothie from this morning: kale/spinach/romaine/celery/cucumber/apple/lime. I made a juice with the celery, romaine, and lime, then blended in the rest. I know those ingredients might sound weird, but I think you’d be surprised at the flavor… I love shocking people with the unexpected good taste of green smoothies (am I right, mom and dad?!). :)

My will-power has gotten stronger… I also think my body has just adapted to this new normal. I had one day last week where all I could think about was chips and salsa, and a complete batch of Chocolate Covered Katie cookies, but I talked myself down and felt fairly empowered by that. :) Only 14 more days to go. . .



P1240316 P1240317 P1240320 P1240336

A few images from the last 7 days of cleansing…

I’ve been surprised at how delicious the recipes are! Although my sister’s convinced I only think so because I was already eating a plant-based diet to begin with. I disagree, but I guess we’ll never know for sure until she agrees to try them… ;) I believe Yahweh Yoga is releasing a book (soon) full of these recipes and direction for completing the cleanse yourself. Until then, you can access cleanse info through their website

It’s been up and down, with good days and harder days. Wait, who am I kidding- every day has its harder moments that require large amounts of mental discipline. :) I will say, it helps to celebrate and commiserate with others (thanks, Kendra!). On the whole, I feel good, though. Lighter somehow, and surprisingly energized. It’s been totally worth it.


Green Juice 1 P1240302 P1240304

Surprise surprise, this has not been easy! I naively thought it would be smooth(ish) sailing since it’s not a juice-only cleanse. But yesterday I was lethargic and crabby, and had a low-grade headache majority of the day. Ah. I nearly threw in the towel every hour!

Today is day 3, and day 3 is a more optimistic day. My juice (smoothie*) this morning was satisfying and lunch was delicious! I’m telling myself all kinds of metaphors about how and why detoxing is a good thing, and totally worth it (I should probably tell Nate these too since he has to live with me). :) Only 27 more days to go.

*I blended all the juice ingredients in a vitamix – for extra nutrients and fiber…


In a last minute turn of events, I committed to a 30 day cleanse facilitated by Yahweh Yoga. On the whole, I eat pretty healthy. I’ve maintained a plant-based diet for 3 years now, with some exceptions while pregnant, because sometimes I just really needed that piece of pizza! (growing a baby wasn’t a cake walk :). And speaking of cake, while pregnant, I think I became addicted to baking. Big time. Now this was vegan baking, mind you, but what I’ve come to learn is that excess – in all forms really – isn’t great for you. And I’ve definitely gotten used to a little (read: a lot of) something sweet after dinner (also lunch). ;)

A friend of mine posted on Instagram that she was doing this cleanse, and of course, as all things food usually do, my interest was piqued. I wondered if it was reasonable and doable. There are so many of these things out there, and I read about them and think there is NO way I could do that. But this one… it’s reasonable. I’ve never done it before, but I’m committing to seeing it through in a very reasonable way. Re-centering, recharging, and renewing – for optimal health – with juices, smoothies, giant salads, and a plethora of fruits and vegetables…

weekend recipe: creamy tomato mushroom pasta

I’ve never had much of an affinity for mushrooms. It’s a texture thing – it just doesn’t seem right to eat rubber. One of my favorite meals growing up was a mushroom pilaf that was incredibly delicious . . . when the mushrooms were picked out so as not to trigger my gag reflex. I’m almost 30 though (oh my) and picking at my food doesn’t seem becoming for a 30-year-old. It speaks to a much (much) younger Holly who was afraid of spinach, fish, and Chinese food. Now in my late twenties it’s hello green smoothies and Panda Express!

With all their health benefits, coming to terms with the texture and including them in our diet seems like a good idea. Low in calories, high in vitamin D and antioxidants – they have cancer preventing, metabolism boosting, and immune supporting properties(!).

Thankfully, Angela from Oh She Glows makes the adjustment easy. This recipe is so delicious, had I not been the one to make it, I may have never noticed it was full of mushrooms (the key was chopping them up super small). If you think you might also like to add mushrooms to your diet, I recommend starting here!

* * I use TJ’s organic whole wheat fusilli (doesn’t taste like cardboard), and the nutritional yeast in this recipe makes a difference and is definitely worth tracking down at a grocery.

final clarification: I’m really not a picky eater – except for those pesky water chestnuts…

DAYS 6 & 7

I know.  I haven’t done the best job updating every day of this challenge.

In my defense, I have two research papers due Friday that are keeping me a bit distracted (along with six unexpected hours at the dentist yesterday).  Ah!  But I will say that we are 7 days & going strong (kind of).  It’s gotten a little easier to find ways of feeling full.  I tell ya, starch is amazing.  And we even managed to grab dinner out Monday night.  We have a  Pei Wei close by & ordered vegetable Pad Thai, cooked in broth, without the egg… I felt a little embarrassed asking for the specifications, but they accommodated, no problem.

One of our recent side-dishes…

(I made a smaller version… it had great flavor)

Yesterday’s dinner was a little something random, whipped together… I sauteed red & green peppers & onions (in veg broth), then added a bag of hashbrowns.  It wasn’t terrible.

Otherwise, we’ve been eating bean burritos, burrito bowls, whole wheat pasta with garlic & broccoli, and left-overs…

In other news… another Mayfly giveaway has been posted, courtesy of the cute little blog, exPress-o!  Enter for a chance to win $30 to my shop!


I know I didn’t post yesterday, but you didn’t miss much.  Lots of left-overs in between working on a research paper.  We did make cornbread muffins that were super easy:

Couple of notes:

  • After the first batch, I added more apple juice…they were a little dry.
  • They tasted fine…better with jam or dipped in the soup we made today…

Lunch.  If I can highlight anything about these recipes so far, it’s their simplicity.  Wow.  They are seriously so quick and easy.  This soup was no exception.

Whole pot of soup = $4.80 (roughly)

Couple of notes:

  • Great flavor!
  • I’m realizing it’s super handy to have cooked rice on hand at all times.  So many recipes call for it, and when you’re hungry, it’s hard to be patient while it cooks for 45 minutes.
  • I had mini potatoes prepped & in the fridge already, so I diced some & added them to the soup.  It was a great move- gave it a little something extra.
  • Added just a tiny bit of cornstarch to thicken it.

Are some of you still with us?  I imagine this gets easier as you go (right Jim & Anna?!).  Nate’s feeling much better- no headaches or hot dog cravings the last few days.  :)