a five minute family photo shoot

Our intention was to drag our Christmas tree into the street with us for this year’s holiday card photo, but the nap time window was closing and we sacrificed creativity for a Lucille smile. Totally worth it. :)



on family and making the time count


It’s funny- looking at these photos taken 4 months ago… I hadn’t gradated yet, summer break was still on the horizon, lots of time off before starting my internship at a private practice (next week!)… But life was kind of standing still that week with the Pelz family. A few of our members were experiencing deep losses, and as it goes with our family, we felt the weight of the loss with them- differently, but profoundly.

I think the nature of living so far away makes Nate and me that much more intentional when we are together. We recognize the time is precious, and feel the need to make it count. This was no exception-every conversation, meal, hug, smile- felt significant and valuable, and maybe even more so…



Lucille, the fair, and her cousins


So fair week for Lucille meant: camping, cousins, and other (outdoor) adventures.

First, cousins:

Untitled 2


I think it’s safe to say these two are buddies ^^. Or Lucille thinks so anyway. ;) She was quite fascinated by her rough and tumble cousin who was actually quite gentle with her and who she could hug and kiss at eye-level. He taught her a lot about courage, outdoor expeditions, and how to eat using kitchen utensils (although she doesn’t quite eat with his reckless abandon and I can’t say I mind- sorry Heath!). :) I loved watching her run and play with Finn and Henry, and am already looking forward to the next time they get to hang out…


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The Mays

I recently returned from two very fun and very full weeks in the great state of Indiana. It was the 38th annual (and final) week of my family’s county fair business – selling elephant ears(!). You may remember THIS 2011 post about the tradition if you’ve been around a while. ;)

I have so many great photos to post from these last weeks, but first,

my family – who together make the fair magic happen and who will likely be mortified at my posting this. :)


What can I really say about these fine individuals that make up the May family? Other than that they’re quite possibly one of the greatest, most unique, patient, loving, and fun groups of people there ever was. :)

It was a (very) good week at the Jay County fair and I did some reflecting and picture-posting over at The Daily May HERE and HERE if you’re curious about this strange family tradition involving cinnamon roll dough and carnival rides (among other things). ;)



when my cousin Jenna came for a visit


This was many weeks ago, I’m sad to say. Although as luck would have it, I’ll be seeing her again (this time in Indiana) – tomorrow! :)

It was her first visit to Pasadena, and the first time I’d been able to spend a good amount of time with her in (too many) years. We grew up minutes apart and spent much of our childhood carving out imaginary worlds – indoors and out – since she graciously indulged my active imagination. ;) As we grew older, conversations and time together became a little more serious – more about life and faith and future hopes. These conversations sometimes happened on country roads lying under the stars, and sometimes happened over weekly lunch dates in college. She was family, yes, but she’s always been a good friend. For as long as I can remember.

Thanks for making the trip, Jenna! Now if only we could reinstate those lunch dates… ;)