pj mornings

I love these neck roll tan lines more than any other (especially mine). ;) ^^


Most mornings I peak into Lucille’s room, find her chatting with Paloma and Teddy, and scoop her up out of her crib for the usual diaper change and clothes assembly. But some mornings… we skip the clothes assembly, stay in PJ’s, and crawl into the biggest bed in the apartment for the usual playing, snuggling, and book reading for the morning. That is until our stomach’s get the better of us. ;)





lake michigan

So there’s no doubt about it, she loves her cousin Finley. And someday I’m going to love showing both of them just how much, since by the time they’re teenagers we’ll have a wealth of evidence (see here).

Playing at City Hall

City Hall shows up quite often on this blog. :) A block away and with plenty of steps, fountains, and pools of water, it’s no wonder. Lucille loves it.

On this particular day, Lucille in all her brave glory pushed right off the edge and into the 1 foot deep water. She tried her level best to squirm out of my grip and go for a swim, but we’re still working on her doggie paddle (also she was in clothes and there were other people nearby). ;) I actually think it was the little girl to her right (who she’s looking at in two of the photos above) that she was trying to impress. :)



toddler hair and smelling flowers

Toddler hair is really something I tell you. ^^

This is roughly how Lucille goes about smelling flowers. There’s usually a lean in, a crinkle of the face, and a puff of air out the nose. It’s relatively ineffective but also adorable. :)

I’ve been progressively running out of steam each day that’s gone by since Monday, and as such, am very happy to say it’s Friday. I hope your weekend includes a nap, a leisure breakfast, a good movie, and some shoulder time with someone you love.