On What Matters


Lucille is blissfully ignorant of American ideals, culturally imposed expectations, and personal successes and losses. I can honestly say she’s never once asked me about my GPA, my degrees, or my considerable income. ;) But more than any other (almost) two-year-old I’ve ever spent time with, she pays attention, and she sees people- in the purest and most simplified way that is actually quite beautiful. I sometimes think she’s intuitively aware of goodness and generosity of spirit.

So of course she loves her Papa- sensing these very things (along with all his warmth, compassion, playfulness, and tenderness). I’m pretty sure she’s also learning there are few men in this world quite like him. And she most assuredly identifies it in my own response to my dad, who is one of the greatest men I’ve ever know and probably ever will.




pj mornings

I love these neck roll tan lines more than any other (especially mine). ;) ^^


Most mornings I peak into Lucille’s room, find her chatting with Paloma and Teddy, and scoop her up out of her crib for the usual diaper change and clothes assembly. But some mornings… we skip the clothes assembly, stay in PJ’s, and crawl into the biggest bed in the apartment for the usual playing, snuggling, and book reading for the morning. That is until our stomach’s get the better of us. ;)




working and resting


The hours of Nate’s job changed quite a bit while Lucille and I were back in Indiana. I wouldn’t say working through the night is his most favorite thing (or mine) but he certainly makes the most of it and has been sorting out how to get sleep and hang with Luce and me some during the mornings or afternoons. I was under the weather last week, though (which complicated things) so when Sunday rolled around and he was feeling rested and I had stopped coughing, he woke me up with a, “hey, let’s go to the beach for a few hours.”

Of course let’s do that!

Lucille needed a little more practice with the ocean anyway. :)

Lucille, the fair, and the great outdoors


We camp during fair week and it was like her world exploded with outdoor possibility. Between the open spaces, the family dogs and 4-H animals, her cousins, extended family members, and a golf cart, she was bursting to get out of the camper and start each day. So much so, and this is where her and I differ on something very fundamental, she was much too busy to care about meal times. :)


Lucille, the fair, and her cousins


So fair week for Lucille meant: camping, cousins, and other (outdoor) adventures.

First, cousins:

Untitled 2


I think it’s safe to say these two are buddies ^^. Or Lucille thinks so anyway. ;) She was quite fascinated by her rough and tumble cousin who was actually quite gentle with her and who she could hug and kiss at eye-level. He taught her a lot about courage, outdoor expeditions, and how to eat using kitchen utensils (although she doesn’t quite eat with his reckless abandon and I can’t say I mind- sorry Heath!). :) I loved watching her run and play with Finn and Henry, and am already looking forward to the next time they get to hang out…


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when my cousin Jenna came for a visit


This was many weeks ago, I’m sad to say. Although as luck would have it, I’ll be seeing her again (this time in Indiana) – tomorrow! :)

It was her first visit to Pasadena, and the first time I’d been able to spend a good amount of time with her in (too many) years. We grew up minutes apart and spent much of our childhood carving out imaginary worlds – indoors and out – since she graciously indulged my active imagination. ;) As we grew older, conversations and time together became a little more serious – more about life and faith and future hopes. These conversations sometimes happened on country roads lying under the stars, and sometimes happened over weekly lunch dates in college. She was family, yes, but she’s always been a good friend. For as long as I can remember.

Thanks for making the trip, Jenna! Now if only we could reinstate those lunch dates… ;)





Playing at City Hall

City Hall shows up quite often on this blog. :) A block away and with plenty of steps, fountains, and pools of water, it’s no wonder. Lucille loves it.

On this particular day, Lucille in all her brave glory pushed right off the edge and into the 1 foot deep water. She tried her level best to squirm out of my grip and go for a swim, but we’re still working on her doggie paddle (also she was in clothes and there were other people nearby). ;) I actually think it was the little girl to her right (who she’s looking at in two of the photos above) that she was trying to impress. :)