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I fully acknowledge that copious amounts of baking is nearly always stress related. It’s remedial in nature, and it’s somehow assisting in this final 7 week stretch of what has been 4 years of graduate school. The finish line is so close I can taste it. ;)

New post up (from me!) on The Daily May blog regarding my love of food and gradual transition to plant-based eating…


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weekend recipe: sweet potato lasagna

I made this lasagna last Sunday, and it took FOREVER. There were so many steps involved- at one point I text Hillary and declared that if it wasn’t absolutely delicious, I’d never make it again (and she should never make it a first time). And then I took my first bite. Oh my.

Engine 2 Lasagna

Nate and I were both fans. For someone who prefers extreme lasagna cheesiness, Nate confessed to bites of this lasagna tasting like the “real” thing. :) Also, it made a HUGE pan, and lasted us the entire week. Which makes the time spent peeling, chopping, and layering totally worth it in my opinion.

Highly recommend.

labor day weekend with h & g

We little sister and brother-in-law flew in from DC to help us survive the current heat wave that has overtaken southern California. Our AC is often set to 60 degrees, but I think it’s feeling overworked and lying about those numbers. Regardless of the temperature though, we’ve had a great time catching up, laughing, eating at some of our favorite spots (of course), and watching episodes of New Girl.


Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!

More photos to come…


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A few images from the last 7 days of cleansing…

I’ve been surprised at how delicious the recipes are! Although my sister’s convinced I only think so because I was already eating a plant-based diet to begin with. I disagree, but I guess we’ll never know for sure until she agrees to try them… ;) I believe Yahweh Yoga is releasing a book (soon) full of these recipes and direction for completing the cleanse yourself. Until then, you can access cleanse info through their website

It’s been up and down, with good days and harder days. Wait, who am I kidding- every day has its harder moments that require large amounts of mental discipline. :) I will say, it helps to celebrate and commiserate with others (thanks, Kendra!). On the whole, I feel good, though. Lighter somehow, and surprisingly energized. It’s been totally worth it.


Green Juice 1 P1240302 P1240304

Surprise surprise, this has not been easy! I naively thought it would be smooth(ish) sailing since it’s not a juice-only cleanse. But yesterday I was lethargic and crabby, and had a low-grade headache majority of the day. Ah. I nearly threw in the towel every hour!

Today is day 3, and day 3 is a more optimistic day. My juice (smoothie*) this morning was satisfying and lunch was delicious! I’m telling myself all kinds of metaphors about how and why detoxing is a good thing, and totally worth it (I should probably tell Nate these too since he has to live with me). :) Only 27 more days to go.

*I blended all the juice ingredients in a vitamix – for extra nutrients and fiber…


In a last minute turn of events, I committed to a 30 day cleanse facilitated by Yahweh Yoga. On the whole, I eat pretty healthy. I’ve maintained a plant-based diet for 3 years now, with some exceptions while pregnant, because sometimes I just really needed that piece of pizza! (growing a baby wasn’t a cake walk :). And speaking of cake, while pregnant, I think I became addicted to baking. Big time. Now this was vegan baking, mind you, but what I’ve come to learn is that excess – in all forms really – isn’t great for you. And I’ve definitely gotten used to a little (read: a lot of) something sweet after dinner (also lunch). ;)

A friend of mine posted on Instagram that she was doing this cleanse, and of course, as all things food usually do, my interest was piqued. I wondered if it was reasonable and doable. There are so many of these things out there, and I read about them and think there is NO way I could do that. But this one… it’s reasonable. I’ve never done it before, but I’m committing to seeing it through in a very reasonable way. Re-centering, recharging, and renewing – for optimal health – with juices, smoothies, giant salads, and a plethora of fruits and vegetables…