Welcome to Sits & Swings! My name is Holly, and I joined the prominent and expansive world of blogging at the start of 2009 after a brief stint on Xanga where I established a sweeping following of 4 (immediate family members).

But I kept with it because as someone who always erred on the side of reticence, blogging became a means for saying things online to family and friends with a depth and frequency that I most assuredly wouldn’t have otherwise. I wrote with an undeveloped voice and fumbled through my mid-twenties as most do. And although you may not be compelled to click through the Sits & Swings archives (I certainly wouldn’t recommend anything prior to December 2010, no 2011), I’m leaving the early posts exactly where they are – if only to remind me of my extraordinary progress. :)

This is a blog about life, family, food, and the occasional insights to and processes of those things. I try and be profound (profoundly interesting and helpful for your reading pleasure). But truthfully, I’d rather be excessively gracious and humble (my grandparents read this blog on the regular). ;) I have zero grasp of HTML and although I love this blog, I also know my post frequency well enough to recognize it in no way justifies hiring a web designer (right now anyway). :)

And finally, a few additional summary statements/descriptors by way of further introduction: I’m a wife, mom, marriage and family therapist, creativity enthusiast, personal growth junkie, urban dweller, and plant-based eater.

Also, I blog weekly at The Daily May with my sweet sisters if you just can’t get enough. ;)

One thought on “About

  1. Neat! You make jewelry…let tony or me know when u have “sale” show! Keep up the good blog!

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