The Mays

I recently returned from two very fun and very full weeks in the great state of Indiana. It was the 38th annual (and final) week of my family’s county fair business – selling elephant ears(!). You may remember THIS 2011 post about the tradition if you’ve been around a while. ;)

I have so many great photos to post from these last weeks, but first,

my family – who together make the fair magic happen and who will likely be mortified at my posting this. :)


What can I really say about these fine individuals that make up the May family? Other than that they’re quite possibly one of the greatest, most unique, patient, loving, and fun groups of people there ever was. :)

It was a (very) good week at the Jay County fair and I did some reflecting and picture-posting over at The Daily May HERE and HERE if you’re curious about this strange family tradition involving cinnamon roll dough and carnival rides (among other things). ;)




4 thoughts on “The Mays

  1. I am in Bible Study Fellowship leader’s circle with her on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings, September – May.

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