on adventures with little sister

…we had brunch at The Market and talked leisurely with Al (not pictured). ^^

We drank coffee in cool coffee shops ^^

…where Nate contemplated his basketball win (and injury). ^^

We took a photo in front of a fan (as most normal sisters do). ^^

Then Lucille got cheeky… ^^

while rocking a sweet hand-me-down bomber jacket (thanks, Aunt Lisa!). ^^

And lastly, we did a little exploring. ^^

We’ve reached the point with Lucille where she loves exploring so much- forget about trying to get her back in the stroller or heaven forbid, go inside. It turns into a full on soul-crushing, world-ending experience in which recovery needs a full 5 minutes. Her face looks something like this for that 5 minutes though and it is a little heart breaking. :)

I love visits with Hillary. They’re easy and fun, and as it is with my sisters, I can never say goodbye without knowing the exact date of when our paths will cross again.


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