lucille and her great-grandparents

I felt a similar sentiment (to what I expressed yesterday) watching my grandparents with Lucille. Watching them play with her and show her such love reminded me of my own childhood with them… of summers and holidays and week long visits playing “school” and Yahtzee, eating liver sausage on Italian bread (!), going for walks and looking for pennies, being taken ice skating at the mall… (I was clumsy and teeeerrible, but they were so proud). ;) I always knew I was loved, and I know it still since they’re quick to remind me with a phone call or card in the mail.

Lucille was smitten not 10 minutes after they walked in the door- with a new teddy bear and Minnie Mouse in tow. And only a few short days after getting home from our visit, Lucille received a card in the mail from her great-grandparents reminding her just how special and loved she is. She’s been carrying that card around with her ever since (it’s been over a week). :)


One thought on “lucille and her great-grandparents

  1. Oh your words made me all teary. It is such a blessing to see our littles with our grandparents. There is just something about seeing all that life together. Priceless!

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