tis the season

…for the stomach flu.

Christmas was a bit of a blur in many ways- largely because Nate and I came down with the stomach flu a few days before our flight back to Indiana (where we’d be celebrating). At one point Nate was lying on the couch and I was lying on the floor, we were aching and moaning, and in between trips to the bathroom he quite reasonably declared “I don’t think Christmas in Indiana is going to happen.” Somehow we got ourselves (and several sleeves of saltines) together, got on the plane with Lucille, and made it to my parent’s home many many hours later.

We certainly put everyone in the Christmas spirit by sharing the stomach flu love. Nearly everyone got taken out Christmas day and beyond which made things a little crazy, and a little messy. Not sure any of us got much sleep, and not totally sure we got all the way through opening presents together. We did manage some lively conversation (emmiright, dad?) ;)  but the rest of those days around Christmas escape me.

We definitely did ask ourselves (while delayed in the Indianapolis airport, during a 14 hour travel day back to LA, with a sick one-year-old) whether or not this was worth it for goodness sakes. But it’s hard to say no to that question when it involves family and extended family you love and see only a few times a year…I truly cherish that time no matter how complicated.

Pictures over the holidays were few and far between, except for these (above) of Luce with 2 of her cousins… :)


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