lucille may: 12 months

At 12 months, I never want to forget:

  • the way she tips her head down and smiles all sassy
  • the way she covers her Jellycats with kisses and full body hugs. Also she knows where Paloma and Theodore are at all times.
  • the way she signs “more” (without quite knowing how to use it yet)
  • open mouth kisses
  • the way she’ll touch finger tips with me, look at me, and smile like it’s the greatest thing
  • the way she whispers all her words, like she’s too humble- of her mad skills for saying things like “baboon” and “button” :)
  • the way she smacks the spoon away when she’s done eating. Fine, Lucille! Jeesh, you could at least have said please! ;)
  • the way she gets to walking so fast it’s like a baby-run.
  • her easy smile.
  • the way she points her finger at things (fairly disco’esque).
  • the way she’ll deconstruct a room. Completely. Everything must be taken out of drawers, out of bags, out of boxes. And spread evenly around the room.
  • the way she cautiously approaches new things.
  • her very intense stare-down as she approaches new things/people.
  • the way she’ll stubbornly pursue something even after being told no 5, 8, 10 times (the Apple remote is unfortunately her most favorite toy and she is nearly always in hot pursuit).
  • the way she crosses her ankles when she’s sitting.
  • her wave that’s more like a salute.
  • the way she affectionately bumps foreheads with people.
  • the way she slowly and quietly gets up from napping/sleeping (most of the time). We almost never know how long she’s actually been awake because she’s content just to lay in her crib hugging Paloma.
  • the way she plays independently.
  • the way she needs to check in while playing independently- running over for a quick hug, kiss, cuddle- before going back to whatever she was doing.
  • her love for other kids (she ran up to a little boy her age in the airport last week and immediately hugged and forehead-bumped him).
  • the way she climbs on her dad in the morning to wake him up- covering his face with open-mouth kisses.
  • the way she approaches milestones or accomplishments- on her terms. She needs little prodding from us, and in fact, I think prefers we not force anything on her (like a straw sippy) ever. She learned to drink from a straw on her own, when we weren’t even paying attention. Just like she did with learning to walk. I love it. :)


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