lucille’s first birthday

Before I do any posting about our holiday and the new year, I want to quick catch up on our pre-holidays. There was Thanksgiving and finals week, and there was a bad bad case of stomach flu (no need to expound there). And most importantly there was Lucille’s first birthday party. No real theme, per say, and nothing too over-the-top. We just wanted to celebrate with our friends who have been such an important part of her first year (and ours), and get some pics of Luce eating her first cupcake (which she totally ate like a real lady and ruined all chances for a cake-smeared-everywhere pic). :)

Everyone gave her such wonderful, thoughtful gifts, and were full of love for our little girl. It warmed my heart, and helped us feel a little less sad that our families couldn’t be there. I had to laugh to myself when I saw photos from the party since every guest in attendance was an adult with a camera/camera phone (that last pic above?! haha!).

I’ve mentioned before, this year was the slowest of whirlwinds, where all the wonderful parts of Lucille and being a mom far outweigh the challenging/sad/scary/frustrating moments. She is quite remarkable and I love being on this ride.


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