in regards to yesterday’s post

^^10 month portrait taken by Grandpa May last month ;)

Okay, I felt a little bad after joking Lucille wouldn’t be joining us on future staycations. It really is this confusing contradiction of feelings – wanting her there because she’s this little presence that you miss when she’s gone. Wanting to take her on new adventures and watch her discover new parts of the world. Loving her smiles and giggles. And generally just loving her to pieces. :)

But then sometimes we miss the freedom of life before- when we could be spontaneous. Pack one bag for the both of us. Linger at a restaurant, talking late into the night. Watch a late night movie from the king size bed. Sleep in.

But then who am I kidding- we never fit both our clothes in one bag (my problem, not Nate’s). Maybe it’s a matter of adjusting expectations, being realistic (which I was not), and making space for both. Trips together AND trips for just mom and dad. :) Living and learning is what we’re doing over here.


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