the buffalo are migrating!

Last night may have been one of my most favorite nights as parents, to date. Nate had a long, frustrating day at work. I was feeling sad about missing time with Luce during the day now that my practicum has started. Lucille…well Lucille is nearly always happy unless you’ve just taken away something dangerous she thinks is a toy (charger cords). We’d just finished dinner and somehow all ended up on the floor crawling around. Nate started a charge through the family room, into our bedroom, then out into the dining room, and back around again. I started crawling after him, followed by a squealing Lucille, all while Nate exclaimed “the buffalo are migrating!” over and over again. Haha! I couldn’t stop laughing, and it’s possible Lucille had never been so thrilled to be playing and crawling and migrating around apartment 11. I kept looking back at her and telling Nate she’s got to be the best girl ever. Just the best.

(we recreated the migration tonight so I could capture it for posterity sake) :)


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