8 months

Lucille turned 8 months on Sunday!

In what we’re coming to understand is typical Lucille fashion, she’s crawling backwards. :) She’s been sitting up on her own since 6 months, but now she can actually sit up- from tummy to bum- on her own. She gags on anything that’s not completely pureed, has two bottom teeth coming in simultaneously, gives open mouth kisses (on her terms), and talks to us all the time about many important things (usually concerning ba-ba, ga-ga, ma-ma, and da-da). She explores the world by tasting it, dances (rather flaps and kicks) when Nate beat boxes, and has a particular affinity for everything she’s not allowed to play with. She’s stubborn and funny, and the absolute apple of our eye.


2 thoughts on “8 months

  1. Oh, oh…….. this is bringing back fond memories of YOUR baby world & needing everything pureed! You hated the little tiny bits of veggies in the Jr. baby food jars & were forever spitting them out. Everything had to be blended :) The joys! She is ONE precious little one, tho, & I’m sure a proud Nana.

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