baby must-haves (3-6 months)

And by “must-haves,” I mean totally-subjective-to-our-experiences-that-are-incredibly-helpful-but-you-could-easily-survive-without-them items.

Nothing ground breaking here, which probably explains why it’s being posted 2 months late. :) Really, everything I wrote about as necessities during her first 3 months still applied for the subsequent 3… and these were just some additional nice items to have.

1. Aquaphor: Mailed to me by my friend Mindy, she wasn’t kidding when she said she used it for everything. It’s dermatologist recommended, fragrance-free, preservative-free, and works like a charm for dry skin, rashes (including drool rash), scratches, my lips, and although she’s yet to have diaper rash, it’s apparently clinically proven to give relief in as little as 6 hours.

2. California Baby Bubble Bath: It’s pricey, I know, but it’s 100% natural, easy on her skin, tear free, and fun. Seriously, Luce loves the bubbles in her tub, and there’s a bubble wand inside that Nate has mastered. :) Also it smells wonderful and I was able to get it during one of Vitacost’s many sales.

3. Boon Grass Drying Rack: This should have been on the 0-3 month installment since we’ve been using it since day 1. This particular drying rock holds everything from breast pump parts to pacifiers, is super easy to clean, and looks cool.

4. Skip Hop Zoo Luggage: This might be more fun when Lucille can pull it herself, but we already use it all the time. It’s adorable and surprisingly spacious.

5. Graco Bumper Jumper: Arguably the BEST purchase we made for the Pelz family at 4 months (besides diapers). Oh my word, I could go on and on about this particular jumper (but I won’t). I’ll just say that if you have a 4 month old or older, you need this. Case in point. We have countless videos of her jumping and enjoying life.

6. Bumbo floor seat: A much-loved gift from my grandma, we used this seat from the time Lucille was able to hold her head up on her own, until we could absolutely no longer extract her chubby thighs from the leg grooves. I think it helped her practice sitting up, and I also think she loved having her own chair in the family room. :)

7. OxiClean: This stuff has saved more baby clothes than I can count. It gets the tough stains out, without doing damage of its own. Love love love it.

8. Lots of Links: For whatever reason, they’re one of Lucille’s favorite “toys.” There are 24 in a pack and they conveniently hook on to her floor mat, car seat, stroller, jumper, etc. so they don’t get lost.

9. Wash cloths: Before Luce was born, my friend Shannon sent me a huge pack and told me I could never have too many. She was right.

10. Tommee Tippee Easy Roll Bibs: By far the best bibs I’ve found. Catches messes and doesn’t need the washing machine to get clean.



And finally, the bonus items we LOVE but aren’t essential (except that they are) ;)

Jen Galaxy Designs: These are the best baby shoes, hands down. Jen does an amazing job – from customer service to fabrics to quality – Lucille wears her handmade Jen Galaxy shoes nearly every day. She’ll do custom orders and offers upgrades for leather or rubber soles for walkers – amazing!

Jen Galaxy Shoes 

The Pink Ruffle: Seriously adorable handmade headbands – Luce wears them all the time (if you haven’t noticed). :) I can say the same for Ashley as I did Jen above – great fabrics, well made, custom orders, … I should probably get a few more. ;)

Any moms or dads out there want to weigh in on your 3-6 month must-haves?


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