Green Juice 1 P1240302 P1240304

Surprise surprise, this has not been easy! I naively thought it would be smooth(ish) sailing since it’s not a juice-only cleanse. But yesterday I was lethargic and crabby, and had a low-grade headache majority of the day. Ah. I nearly threw in the towel every hour!

Today is day 3, and day 3 is a more optimistic day. My juice (smoothie*) this morning was satisfying and lunch was delicious! I’m telling myself all kinds of metaphors about how and why detoxing is a good thing, and totally worth it (I should probably tell Nate these too since he has to live with me). :) Only 27 more days to go.

*I blended all the juice ingredients in a vitamix – for extra nutrients and fiber…


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