happy father’s day!

Every social media platform was bursting today with love and photos of people claiming their dad is/was the best. I could put up a pretty good argument for my own dad, who has loved me so well for 30 years. Who is many many good things, too many to list (although I did make an attempt here). I love you dad!

But this year meant celebrating Nate too. He works so hard and loves so well, I wish I could find the right words to express what it means to me. I have never for a second felt alone in this endeavor of parenthood – he’s changed more diapers and done more laundry than I can count. He’s sacrificed time and sleep so I can have both. He cuddles and snuggles, and makes the funniest faces until Luce (and I) can’t stop giggling.

You, Nate, are a good father. A great father. And Lucille and I are blessed.

Father's Day2


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