lucille and the airplane(s)


I was a bit apprehensive about Lucille’s first flight, and I kept telling myself this was perfectly normal. Most moms probably feel the same about air travel (right?!). There were a lot of factors involved, some of which involved possible inconveniencing of other people. And I’ve seen that go down before – the eye rolls, sighs, grumbles. I get it, it can be suuuuper annoying.

So would she cry? Nap? Need a diaper change mid-flight?

We had connections in Phoenix, and our total travel times were about 6-7 hours. She barely slept a wink – it was like she knew she was on an adventure and didn’t want to miss a second. But she didn’t cry once, barely fussed, and smiled a ton. She did blow out TWO diapers, and as I carried her by the armpits down the isle – from the back of the plane to the front – she smiled and cooed at every person we passed until nearly every person loved her dearly.

She was wonderful and I could have smothered her with kisses for days for making our lives that easy on what could have been the longest 6 hours of our lives.


One thought on “lucille and the airplane(s)

  1. She’s perfect; that’s all there is to it. We prayed for an easy one for you and God came through BIG time! She’s such a sweetie. I wish we had had more time with her and you and Nate as well. =)

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