sunday night blues

Happy Monday to you! (is it okay to say that?) My Monday started off with class at 8 am, so I’m not feeling entirely enthusiastic about this new week. :) Perhaps the Sunday night blues are lingering into today… Nate was on-call, but otherwise it was a great weekend – full of studying, baking, Michigan basketball (was anyone else out there pacing their family room with sweaty palms the last 2 minutes of that game?!), DIY’s, and a family nap (that sounded great in theory, but made us feel terrible when we woke up). Why are naps sometimes like that?! Is it from sleeping too long? Not sleeping long enough? Whatever the reason, I was still nice to squeeze one in.

But inevitably around 6 pm Sunday night, I get the blues. And I’m sad to see the weekend come to an end. Really I think I’m just sad Nate has to go back to work…

What about you? How was your weekend?! :)



2 thoughts on “sunday night blues

  1. Hi Holly – Oh my gosh Lucy is just too cute for words!! I get the same way on Sunday nights. :-(

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