this guy just turned 30

The night before his birthday, I couldn’t sleep. 30 had seemed so far in the future, then all of a sudden it was tomorrow. In light of his birthday gift (below), I laid there mentally scanning through some of my favorite memories of him- from the last decade and a half, and felt so grateful. I wrote last year that the day I married Nate I don’t think I realized just how much he would deepen my experience of life, love, and growing up. It has been the greatest privilege to season all this with him, and to be part of his next decade. I have no idea what it will hold, and what memories I’ll be scanning through ten years from now, but I’m pretty sure it will be exciting and challenging and fairly unconventional. Can’t wait. :)

I also surprised him and sent him to Vegas for the weekend- to spend it with his best friend (who flew in from Indiana). Pretty sure they’re having a great time. :)

Happy Birthday babe!


One thought on “this guy just turned 30

  1. Holly that is an amazing gift (Vegas works too). You both are such beautiful people. I wanted to let you know as I was reading this, it came to mind that when you guys rolled into our unit, we didn’t realize then the mark you would leave in our hearts. We all talk of you both often, and always are wishing you the best.

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