road trip

We took our first road trip as a family of three last weekend. We’ve made the drive to Phoenix more times than I can count, and have a pretty good system down that includes a stop at a particular In-N-Out (whether it’s time to eat or not), and the same gas stations- all in about 5 hours times. Well no surprise here- Lucille didn’t love our system as much as we do, and what used to be 5 hours turned into 7. When all was said and done, though, I was pretty proud of her. She doesn’t get a lot of carseat practice in Pasadena since we walk most places, but she eventually settled in. She was so introspective on the drive home, we barely heard a thing from her the first three hours(!).

On this very quick trip, Lucille was able to meet her great grandparents. It was pretty special for me to watch them loving and holding her. They’ve already been quite a blessing in her short little life.

I wish we would have taken more pictures! Next time…


2 thoughts on “road trip

  1. Holly! She is so darn cute! I can see you in the intensity of her gaze! She’s going to be a thinker, just like you!

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