nine weeks

It’s hard to believe Lucille is already two months old. In a phrase, it’s been the slowest of whirlwinds. Involving a good amount of trial and error. And thank goodness, as Heather so helpfully reminded me a few nights ago, she won’t remember that I had the bath water too warm or didn’t burp her quite long enough those twenty times. I’m slowly learning her, and ever so slowly starting to trust myself. And the smiling, oh the smiling at nine weeks is melting my heart.


6 thoughts on “nine weeks

  1. Oh Holly she’s so cute!! I hope you are holding up ok. Babies can be so exhausting, as much as you love them. I’m so glad she’s giving you some smiles now – once the interaction starts, it becomes more and more fun. :)

  2. Oh thanks, Kara! You are so right, she’s exhausting! I love her so much, but I sure do miss a full night’s sleep and the ease of getting up and going whenever I need… :)

  3. Holly! Congrats! She is so beautiful! She will keep you and Nate busy! God bless all of you! Much love-Sonja <3

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