rose parade

A few very late pictures from our new year’s day. Definitely one of the perks of living a block away from the parade route, I slept in (Nate got up with Lucille) until hearing the B2 stealth fighter fly over, then we made our way down to the madness. And madness it was let me tell you. Somewhere between 700,000-million people camp out overnight along Colorado Boulevard to reserve spots- we’re talking couches, air mattresses, TVs, grills, heat lamps, and cotton candy distributors. We went for a walk on new year’s eve to scope out the best set-ups, and our favorite had to be the guys with multiple TVs and video game consoles, carrying on well into the night (or all night long?).

 P1200890(1) P1200900(1) P1200903(1) P1200924(1)

I think we spent the rest of the day home on the couch- eating, napping, watching football, changing diapers- the new normal.


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