year in review

2012 was the year of being pregnant. So… a year of nausea, indigestion, fatigue, anxiety, etc. :) But the culmination of those things, for that time spent, was unlike anything I imagined. People try and tell you this, but for me- I couldn’t really know or understand its gravity until being dropped in the middle of it (motherhood). The reality of it all is still setting in, to be sure, and sometimes I look at Lucille and feel absolutely stunned by her presence. Seriously, how did you get here?! I mean I know how, but the whole thing is so extraordinary. Truly.

There were other good things this year, too, though. Friendships, visits with family, graduations and a masters degree, a boat ride, a new favorite breakfast spot, the last birthdays of our twenties, a move to an apartment that we love, and a few trips together to Las Vegas and San Diego.


I’m anticipating 2013- for the good things I know are in store- a new little nephew, baby sister’s wedding, turning 30- and for the potential of much more…

. . . previous year-reviews here and here . . .


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