pregnancy favorites

When push came to shove, and I needed things to get me through a week without washing my hair (yes, that happens sometimes in my reality), or dry lips that started to look like second degree burns, I had to turn to my local drugstore, Amazon, or trusty This is all subjective of course, but these worked for me. As in, everyday they aided in my putting a foot forward (*best has been intentionally omitted- they helped a lot, but some days, nothing really mattered).

1. It’s possible I’ve used Oscar Blandi’s Pronto dry shampoo everyday of the last 38 weeks (if you’re a woman and you’ve never taken part in the world of dry shampoos, I have to insist you do – immediately). I’ve tried many (MANY) different brands, and for the money, this might just be my favorite. I have an aversion to dry shampoo sprays, and will take powder under my fingernails any day over stickiness. So I love that this is a very fine powder and disappears quickly- no flakes. It smells nice, makes my hair look like I just washed it, and bonus – gives me more body than any product ever has ever.  Oscar Blandi and I have a good thing going.

Disclaimer: I can really only vouch for blonde hair, but Ive read girls with darker hair speak highly of it in Amazon reviews

2. Body Shop’s Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray. The most thoughtful of friends bought this for me and it really is a dream. Relaxing, refreshing, makes your feet smooth and smell nice. Love it.

3. Everyday Shea Moisturizing Body Lotion in lavender. The website says: “Intensive moisturizing lotion made with Certified Fair Trade handcrafted, unrefined shea butter and enhanced with lemongrass and shea leaf extracts.” The pure lavender essential oil is from France, and the natural vanilla extract is from Madagascar. Wow. What I can tell you about this lotion is that it’s all natural, super moisturizing, absorbs quickly, and smells great. I use it almost everyday. I know they sell bottles of it at Whole Foods, and of course on their website. But you can get it online at Vitacost (.com) for 27% less than retail. Plus, if you manage to find another $39 worth of products you use on a regular basis (not hard to do- it’s a fairly comprehensive site), you get free shipping.

4. Sally Hansen’s Overnight Lip Recovery. Precious little has ever helped heal my perpetually chapped lips. This isn’t the cure-all (if you have lips like mine), but I’d hate to imagine where I’d be without it. I think I picked it up at Walgreens, but if you have trouble finding it, it’s always on Amazon…

Others that could have easily made this short list: Tums, Bringing Up Bebe, the Chocolate Covered Katie blog (but then you knew that already), and the Snoogle body pillow (funny looking, but has proven quite useful).


One thought on “pregnancy favorites

  1. for the longest time i’ve wanted to try dry shampoos! thank you for testing so many for me! :) wasn’t looking forward to that process… My favorite lip balm is this ( it’s expensive and i’m afraid they aren’t making it anymore, but amazing. And lasts almost a year for me. Only lip balm I only have to put on once in the AM.

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