small business saturday!

Mayfly may not be local to you, but I can go ahead and testify to its small-ness.

The idea for Mayfly Designs was many years in the making, and the process has been a slow and steady one. The online shop first opened for business in the fall of 2008- full of big hopes and tremendous expectation. Then the reality-of-a-small-online-business set in. How on earth do you let people know you exist? And how do you convince them that they should buy their jewelry handmade instead of at Target or Forever 21? (I’ve done both). What were the price-points people were comfortable with? And what kind of jewelry grabbed the most attention and made for wonderful, loyal customers? It was a learning curve to be sure.

The last two years have meant significant growth for Mayfly, with more exposure, sales, custom orders, and recognition than in all its years combined. It’s been quite challenging, and of course, thrilling. I am deeply grateful to all the blogs that have spoken so highly of Mayfly and allowed this jewelry shop to “sponsor” them. For friends, family, and total strangers spreading the word. And for all the customers who stop in and shop time and time again. You have allowed me to pursue a hobby and a dream I love quite completely.

Simply enter promo code MERRY12 during checkout.

Supplies are limited, and many pieces are down to their final one or two- some already sold out! So if you have something in mind, best to add it to your shopping cart immediately, or experience deep and lasting regret throughout the remainder of the holiday season (just kidding – that kind of response is highly unlikely). But most likely you will love receiving a package in the mail- who doesn’t?!  :)


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