a party for baby girl

Sunday afternoon was a little bit surreal, with definite moments where I felt detached from the moments- watching it from above, wondering- “is this actually happening?! Is this party for a baby that WE are about to have?!” There have been plenty of things reminding us of our about-to-be-parents reality (including my physical appearance), but certain things, when they happen, bring about a whole new level of awareness.

So this party for us, for our baby girlwas full of beautiful details, laughs, and well-wishes.

And we felt very known and loved by our friends.


4 thoughts on “a party for baby girl

  1. Look at your sweet little baby bump! I didn’t know you were having a girl, how wonderful! Praying things keep going smoothly, not too long until you get to see her sweet face!

  2. Aw, thanks Erica! I’m never sure if my current anxiety is over having to wait 7 more weeks to meet her and start this transition, or if it’s because she’s in fact coming in 7 weeks already?!?! So confusing. :)

  3. Hey…are you still in Pasadena? I would love to meet you somewhere in the middle before you deliver! Can we make that happen?

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