around the town

My brother-in-law, Phil, and sister-in-law, Julie, flew in for a visit last week, and we took in some of the beautiful sites of the city (including Pinkberry) together. We also had the chance to take them to some of our favorite breakfast spots like Le Pain and the Market on Holly. It was lovely. They gave baby girl’s “room” a trial run, and treated us to several of her first must-haves (like diaper rash cream). :) Thanks for coming guys- we love you!

It’s always an interesting experience when we have family or friends visit- seeing the city and our lives within it through their eyes. Sometimes I feel restless, but often it gives me a new sense of appreciation for the season we’re in. I admit, LA traffic and I aren’t on the best of terms, and our apartment asks a bit much from us for rent. But I have moments, almost daily, where I find (or re-discover) something that I love about being part of the energy of this city. Eventually we’ll make our way to the other side of the country toward our families I love so much, but until then, I’m feeling grateful and savoring the sites, sounds, smells, rhythms, and diversity of this season…


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