breakfast in san diego

Did I mention breakfast is my favorite meal of the day? Oh, only here, here, and here, and here? So there’s no doubt about it – it starts my day off right.

San Diego did not disappoint in the breakfast department, and the Del Mar Diner, Americana, and Parkhouse Eatery were a few of our favorites. Delicious food, service, atmosphere– the works. You can’t go wrong if you’re in the area and stop in.

A few extra words of praise over Parkhouse Eatery… It was recommended by Neville, and quite honestly I could have gone every morning and happily gained a few (ten) pounds (that I would of course have attributed to pregnancy weight). It’s tucked in a quaint University Heights neighborhood, inside an old renovated home. And what you can’t tell from the picture above is my pumpkin spice pancakes were more than 12 inches in diameter, and brought out on a serving platter. I was eating them for days. Nate had the most delicious mashed potatoes (!), and their jam and peanut butter are all perfectly homemade.

All this to say… eat at Parkhouse if you are able. As often as you are able. :)


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