hey world

This may seem like old news (especially if you looked at this picture for more than 5 seconds and found it suspect):

but this girl over here is in the family way. Yes social-media world, this is my big announcement: I’m pregnant!

I’ve put off the standard postings for 6 months, and my sister is getting downright nettled by my blogging silence. Things felt pretty overwhelming at first, so we’ve taken everything slow. I will say this wasn’t planned…, in the- we’d love to be parents someday but probably not until I’m done with school and we live closer to family– kind of way. We’ve probably logged hundreds of hours talking about kids, likely due to equal parts approaching 30 and watching lots of friends and family move into baby season. So now here we are- ready or not! And with each month that goes by, the anticipation builds…

due date: 12/8/12


13 thoughts on “hey world

  1. Congrats officially, Holly!! so excited for you and Nate. Thanks for letting Heather play “big sister” for me too while I grow my own little one. It may seem strange, but I feel oddly connected to you since our due dates are so close :) hope all continues to go well! cheers (with the glucose drink)!

  2. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! Holly you look WONDERFUL! Having a child is so awesome! And yes, I agree, you two will be amazing parents! Congratulations again. Best wishes!!

  3. Congrats, Holly. You’re due exactly 1 month before me! Are you planning to stay where you’re living for awhile? I’d love to be part of each other’s support systems in the coming year, going through the same crazy transition. :)

  4. Congratulations Holly!!! I have to admit I’ve known for some time now and was so happy & excited to hear the news! I imagine it can be overwhelming at times but you two are such an amazing couple and have been thru so much together and I know this will be a great journey for both of you. Keeping you in my thoughts and enjoy every moment!!

    xo Kristin (Heath’s friend)

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