my birthday from allison

I really don’t know how this post never came to fruition because it’s been one of my favorite days of summer so far.  Somehow from Uganda, Allison managed to plan an entire day filled with many of my favorite things- in celebration of my 29th birthday.  I didn’t get to share in them with her, but Nate definitely enjoyed himself in her stead.

On the Sunday after my actual birth-day, I opened an email from her asking that Nate and I treat ourselves to my favorite meal of the day- breakfast- anywhere of our choosing (she picked up the tab!).  So after getting up and getting dressed, we made our way to one of my favorite breakfast spots, on one of my favorite Pasadena streets, and enjoyed good food and conversation for several hours.

The subject line of the following email I received from Al instructed: Open after you’ve finished what the first email said.

To which she told me I had to go shopping.  Does this girl know me or does she know me?  First food, then shopping?!  It was already a perfect day.  Nate excused himself to Starbucks (homework), and I took my time walking through shops in Old Town.  She’d given me a budget challenge and again, picked up the tab for my new favorite watch.

So this is how the the day went.  I opened emails and she surprised me with things to do.  She’d taken care of expenses ahead of time, so all I had to do was enjoy myself.  It was absolutely so special, so relaxing, and so very memorable.  We closed out the day with dinner at BJ’s and a movie.

I love you, Al, and loved this day.  Thank you!

Now if only your birthday package would clear customs and arrive in your village already!  2 weeks late… :\


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