disneyland with the fam

I have to credit my in-laws/husband for instilling a love for Disney in my heart…

No one, I mean no one, does Disney quite like the Pelz family. Every movement- starting in the hotel lobby first thing in the morning, to the very end-of-the-day show and fireworks is intentional and efficient. Except, I submit, for the 1.8 mile walk back from the park to our hotel (versus waiting for the shuttle). Nate apparently felt it would be the finest way to close out a 14 hour day. :)

We had a great time, though! There really is something about Disney… it’s the convergence of past and present- memories from former visits meet the creation of new ones. There’s a freedom to enjoy yourself, and to either act like a kid again or at least see yourself in the expressions and wonder of the hundreds of kids around you. I do really love that, and can suffer the crowds and hours on your feet for moments like those…


2 thoughts on “disneyland with the fam

  1. You should do another blog — a Disneyland blog — in which you go there every week and talk in-depthly about something specific to only die hard Disneyland fans. I’d read that, too. :)- Glad you all had a great time! Love that place so much.

  2. Perhaps its the vast attempt of pursuing the lost art of abandonment- when the greatest pursuit of the day is longing to discover the serendipity right around the corner and given the freedom to do so. The child must pursue itself or will be eternally lost (for such is the Kingdom of God) to run unabashedly in a direction only known for the next instant and finding itself when all other endeavors are abandoned……..fun. Let us pursue the freedom of play……… Anyone for fruitbasket upset??

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