birthday celebration, part 2

My very dear friends that I love so much took me to Maximiliano Friday night for my birthday. The food was delicious, and our server offered up some good laughs (though I think it was a bit at his expense-oops!). He was super earnest and interesting, though.

The evening ended with a heated debate outside the restaurant over whether or not a person can actually declare a movie or television series to be “the best one ever.” Opinions and emotions were running high (jk), and I think we proved quite entertaining for the valet attendant.

It was a great night and I truly love any time I get to spend with this group.

first photo courtesy of Los Angeles, I’m Yours, and last courtesy of Jon’s iphone


2 thoughts on “birthday celebration, part 2

  1. You forgot to mention that I won the mock debate. First, I won because I’m right. Second, I won because I made everyone uncomfortable. And third, I won because this makes two of your birthdays in a row that are now about me.

    Happy Birthday, Holly!

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