for my mom

It was her birthday April 23, and with Mother’s Day coming up in a few weeks, a post about her is definitely in order.

Several years ago I wrote an essay about my mom and sent it in to a radio station giving away a spa package (for Mother’s Day).  Yes, I did that.  Apparently lots of people think their mom’s are pretty great, so the competition was steep.  My essay didn’t win (even though it should have), and a year later my sisters and I started working out another plan for how to make her feel loved and appreciated.

We began contacting all the people who have been inspired, challenged, cared for, and encouraged by her over all the years of her life.  The response… well, in the end, 67 entries of love and gratitude were fit into a final “Book of Affirmations.”  Friends and family were represented from nearly every decade of her life.  Wow.

I began the book with this:

She is quite a remarkable woman.

Happy (belated) birthday, mom.  I love you!


One thought on “for my mom

  1. Oh my goodness, Holly! You are way too kind with your words of affirmations :) You REALLY sent an essay to a radio station?? I hadn’t heard about that….only my Holly! And, what a complete surprise your little “Book of Affirmations” was! I truly felt loved! It was such an encouragement as I remember feeling alittle overwhelmed with “serving” during that period of my life. In fact, those feelings of overwhelmingness still spring up so I always treasure your generous, kind words & yet I’m ALSO thankful for a God who daily reminds me that I’m a work in progress. Like everyone else, my days are filled with shortcomings… many areas to work on…. but God, in His graciousness, understands this & blesses me with daughters who affirm me even when I fall short facing the challenges of life. You bring smiles to my heart, Holly! Thank you for being you. Love, mom

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