My husband turned 29 last Monday.


One year shy of 30. Tell me, HOW did that happen (not literally)?!

It was a good day.  Breakfast, Griffith Park Observatory, dinner at Daisy Mint with good friends, and cake where the “Happy Birthday” song was much more of a dirge than it was happy.  Maybe we were all really tired?  Or maybe it was the 5 guys singing the tune, while I laughed at how miserable it sounded.

Either way, I spent the day feeling prodigiously grateful for Nate.

I’d look at him and wonder at my good fortune of being a part of his life.  At the time of the “yes(es)” and “I do’s,” I don’t think I realized just how much he would deepen my experience of life and growing up.  Nate is a remarkable person, who both inspires me and drives me crazy, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Happy birthday, Love.


4 thoughts on “twenty-nine

  1. Yes it is!!! And all thanks to your Grandma Behr who shared the recipe with me many years ago :)
    Love that you can change the jello color for various seasons & holidays……. red for Christmas/ Valentine’s Day/Birthdays and orange for fall and green for St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas. Always FUN!!! Love, mom

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