adverse acclimation

Poor Henry has really been thrown for a loop with this CA visit.

For starters, there’s the considerable jump over time zones.  He’s just not sure when it’s appropriate to be tired or hungry, and I can tell that really annoys him.

He’s been subjected to an unfamiliar apartment, with much less space to crawl, and many fewer things to grab (safely) and put in his mouth.  Not to mention the spinny chair that really throws off his use of all furniture for which to practice his standing skills.  Although I honestly can’t tell if he loves the challenge or hates it because he has yet to give up.

There’s the unfamiliar bed, and I really can’t blame him there.  There’s nothing like your own sleeping space.  And I know he feels terrible about waking everyone up when he has bad dreams at night.

And then… there’s that crazy girl who’s always trying to take his picture, kiss his cheeks, and make him giggle.  That has GOT to be exhausting.

Poor buddy.

I borrowed some pictures from that crazy girl:


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