february 14

I very much prefer low-key, low-pressure valentine’s days.  With 15 of these under our belt, I think we pretty much have the expectations sorted out.  We don’t go crazy, but we try and be intentional about communicating love in some sentimental way.

This year’s February 14th rivals last year for low-keyness.  I had class during the day while Nate worked at the hospital.  I babysat till 6:30, but by then Nate was on-call for the remainder of the night.  We slipped out of the hospital a little after 9pm, ate the most amazing veggie dumplings we’ve ever had- at Din Tai Fung nearby, and talked about things like chopsticks, soy sauce, family, and our friendship.

And that friendship is quite marvelous.

Hope you, too, had a nice, low-key valentines.  :)


2 thoughts on “february 14

  1. You too are so cute… wish we could see you both.. glad all is well… ours was even more low key… brought in Panera and did absolutey NOTHING haha..

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