l.s. joecks

Last week, in honor of Lindseyfest, a group of us headed to the very delicious Umami Burger in Los Feliz.  Who is Lindsey, you may ask, and why are we festing her?

On Wednesday, February 8, my very dear friend turned one year older.

Our friendship formation story is an interesting one… she lived in the apartment above Nate and me (and shared internet with us) for a full year before I really met her and ceased to be intimidated by her “just stepped out of a J-Crew catalog with impeccable grammar and compelling novelty” self.  And by that time, we had moved across the street to a new apartment.  Better late than never in this case, because she has turned out to be a true gem- one of those quite hard to find, where you frequently wonder how you became so very fortunate.  I love you, friend.  Happy birthday to you.


This wonderful thing was a mushroom and edamame burger with cipollini onions, lettuce, and a slow roasted tomato.  Wow.  They also make their own ketchup at Umami, and it quickly became absolutely necessary I eat it with a spoon.


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