a week with allison

I’ve mentioned this girl many times on my blog.  She was my college roommate, my colleague/fellow first grade teacher for three years, housemate, bridesmaid, support system during the summer of tumor, and best friend for a decade.

She up and moved to Africa (for the second time) last summer, but was able to come home for Christmas this year.  She spent majority of her time with family in New York, but made her way to Los Angeles at the start of 2012, where I had the absolute privilege of reconnecting with her.  We talked, laughed, drank coffee, shopped till she dropped (preparing for a year of living in a remote village with no electricity or running water), cried, and cried again as we hugged goodbye at the airport.

Allison has been a loyal, generous friend to me.  And by generous I mean with her love, time, patience, understanding, and so on.  Truly… more like a sister than a friend.

Follow her life and adventures on her blog (I think you’ll love it).

Love you and miss you already, Al…


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