for my dad, on his birthday

My dad’s birthday came and went on January 6th, with little fanfare on my part. It wasn’t that it slipped my mind or that I didn’t find it significant. Because I actually feel quite the opposite. My dad is someone very much worth celebrating, and every year I get to share life with him is a blessing to me. I am thankful.

I’m not always as good at speaking words aloud as I am at writing them. A while back, my dad and I were talking on the phone, and I attempted to communicate those things that I love most about him, but I was a jumbled mess. I wrote him an email instead, and here’s a little of what I said:

I love you, dad.  Happy (belated) birthday!


3 thoughts on “for my dad, on his birthday

  1. I didn’t know that your dad and I share the same birthday?! Happy belated birthday to him! Great post!

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