celebrating the new year (& good friends)

On Saturday night, Nate and I threw a party to bring our Pasadena friends back together- after three weeks of being away at our respective hometowns for the holidays.

For years I’ve had grand aspirations of throwing the kinds of parties everyone remembers for years to come.  But around 5:00 on Saturday night, I accepted reality.  It’s inevitable that no matter how prepared I am, the hours before the party starts I’m a nervous wreck, over thinking everything.  Is there enough food?  Will everyone have a good time?  Will anyone actually show up?!

I’ve decided I will leave the memorable party throwing to Stephen and Joy.

Seriously, they are amazing.

Despite my anxiety, I do think everyone had a good time, and I felt blessed by these wonderful people who have been part of this season in our lives….

(the room was dark and I have an aversion to flash)

Neville and Jon, you were missed!


4 thoughts on “celebrating the new year (& good friends)

  1. What a beautiful party atmosphere…relational, intimate fellowship and great food. The welcoming and hospitality…amazing. I am sure the fun, conversation and spirit of the night will linger long into “remember when” times!

  2. looks great! we made those same tissue paper puffs for my friend’s wedding this past summer… they look surprisingly elegant for just being tissue paper!

  3. Wow…we look too ridiculous to be invited to your classy parties! :) It looks like it was perfect Holly! PS I love my new earrings! )

  4. Um, for the record we do throw some classy parties too. You know I can’t get enough of my asparagi e prosciutto. Oh, and my dirty gin martinis. Oh, and I just remembered our fun Saved By The Bell Sleepover party. Wow, I love parties. Let’s have one together!!!

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