may christmas

I love Christmas day.  But really, who doesn’t (because what’s not to love)?!

Part of what I love about Christmas day is giving gifts to my family- knowing them well, and finding meaningful things befitting of their personalities/interests.  We don’t always have the money to spend, and much of my gifts to them are handmade (which I also love doing!).  This Christmas, we all kinda moved more toward the sentimental, and there were definitely no complaints coming from my end of the couch.

After the siblings exchanged gifts, my parents had us move to the basement for their gift segment.  We each had a box with our name on it, but in order to pick a gift from the box, we had to play (and exceed the set benchmark of) a variety of games.  So for example, I went first and picked Outburst.  My topic was “Hamburger Toppings,” and I (by myself) had to name 8/10 of the answers on the card.  No problem.

Per tradition, following Christmas dinner we headed over to Pine Ridge, turned up the music (we were the only ones there), and played tennis late into the night.


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