black friday, 12:00 am

We had no real intention of buying anything, we just needed to see for ourselves that midnight shopping was a real thing.

It was.

The line to get into Target was so long, we decided to hit up Walmart first.  It was like people temporarily lost all sense of propriety.  Clothes thrown everywhere, displays pulled apart, shoving, microwaves being carried around on heads, and general madness throughout.  After only 10 minutes of staring in disbelief, Alan announced it was definitely time to go.  As we left the store, a woman was shoving her way back in to return a DVD player she had just purchased.  Seriously?!  Seriously.

We headed to Target, where the line was moving this time, and every cart had been taken.  As we walked the perimeter and took in additional madness, we realized the checkout line wrapped completely around the store- even weaving through isles.  I definitely saw a girl waiting in line holding a scarf.  One scarf.  Really?!  Honestly, just come back in two days at a normal time with a normal line for the same scarf.

As we drove home, we relived the particularly incredible moments (microwaves, DVD players, dirty socks), & had some good laughs.  What a great Black Friday memory it was.


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