snow day // wind day

While my friend Abi and I sipped homemade (vegan) hot chocolate last night and watched a Christmas movie, Pasadena was under siege.

The ferocity of the wind was fairly unnerving, and as I tried to sleep, what I assumed were irrational thoughts of trees crashing through the ceiling kept me awake until 5am.

But this morning, when Nate and I received multiple calls from Fuller saying campus was closed due to severe wind damage, I knew my 4am fears hadn’t been that unreasonable.  We headed out to assess the damage, and learned that Pasadena had indeed declared a state of emergency.

Neville photographed some of the damage…

Snow days were common growing up in Indiana, and hearing my mom yell up the stairs that school was canceled had to be one of the most exhilarating feelings ever (unless it was a Monday, which meant we were home for cleaning day).  This morning… I felt like a 10 year old again with a free day of play ahead of me.

Except that I have finals next week.


One thought on “snow day // wind day

  1. How scary. The wind kept me up til 3am but the damage wasn’t so severe where I live. I hope no one got hurt.

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