happy anniversary

Almost as long as I’ve known Nate (15 years), Nate has loved Oasis.  He’s learned to play just about every one of their songs, and because I love him, I’ve learned the words to sing along.  Okay, maybe that was how it worked at first, but officially, I have my own appreciation for their music and personas.

  It was a sad day in the Pelz household the day the Oasis brothers went their separate ways, but alas the boys have successfully pursued their independent careers in the last year.  Nate has been tracking Noel’s new album release and tour intention, so the minute tickets went online for the Royce Hall show (UCLA), he was on Ticketmaster securing seats in the 11th row.  It was an anniversary gift and it. was. fabulous.

 YouTube videos were posted by concert-goers that night, and yes, I’ve watched them over and over again the last few days- reliving moments that are unforgettable anyway.  Their shows have always culminated with this lasting anthem:

And while the 3,000 people in Royce Hall didn’t quite match the magnitude of this:

it was still outstanding.  Still so so outstanding.  Beats out the standard 5-year anniversary gift (silverware), hands down.


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