Nate seems to have a problem with us matching our wardrobe, and I say what’s the big deal?!  So what that we’re both students at the same school, getting the same masters?  We’re the farthest from co-dependent (no sarcasm there).  And besides, it’s not like I’m waiting for him to come out of the bedroom every morning just so I can run in and dress to be his twin!

Truth be told, I was running late today, and left myself 5 minutes to get ready for class.      5 minutes for me means jeans and a v-neck.  5 minutes (or 50 minutes) for Nate means jeans and a v-neck.

sidenote: same masters degree, different emphasis.


7 thoughts on “twins

  1. Love it! Michael actually loves doing it on purpose. He will wait on me to dress and then try to match….I gave up trying to fight it:)

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