jon damiani

Jon has been part of our lives since the fall of 2009 (during round one of living in Pasadena).  We met through mutual friends at one of Neville’s Oscar parties, and he became not only a great friend, but a major catalyst for movement in my life.  Jon makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me appreciate this season in my life all the more.

Last Friday was his birthday, and we spent Saturday night celebrating.

We went to Buca’s in Old Town for dinner (the lighting was terrible!), and stayed for several hours, talking and laughing.  It was a great night & I am thankful for my friend.


2 thoughts on “jon damiani

  1. Holly! You are too sweet! Thank you for the kind words and for making my birthday so much fun. I still regret we didn’t make it back to your place, because I would have loved to see the famous Pelz Arrested Development style party sign. And yes. I am getting older. Fast.

    Love you both!

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